Brand Introduction

Mankind has strived persistently to worship, conquer and master nature. In Sichuan’s Shu State of ancient China, the relationship between man and nature was just that. It began with ritual sun worshipping by the mysterious Sanxingdui clan,then there were successful attempts to “curb the flooding rivers” by Dayu of the History of the Kings of Shu fame, followed by the mighty construction of the Dujiangyan Irrigation Project by Shu’s prefecture chief Li Bing. With history as our mirror, we can see the rise and fall of nations.

Today, Chengdu Tecloman Energy Storage Technology Co., Ltd. (“Tecloman”) is dedicated to leveraging its historical heritage to ensure we surpass our predecessor at converting natural resources into energy. We strive to make efficient use of natural resources by using technology to serve mankind, while balancing sustainable growth of the society with people’s desires and the needs of nature.

Brand Story

As the ancient Chinese saying goes, “climbing the narrow trails of Shu mountains is tougher than going up to the sky.”

Due to such harsh geographical conditions and transmission limitations of the grid, more than ten billion watts of hydropower are under utilized in Sichuan. In remote Tibet, precious resources like wind and solar are curtailed due to inantiquated grid facilities. For areas prone to earthquakes, the need for emergency energy supply is more pressing than ever.

Tecloman founders, long engaged in the traditional power industry, realized the growing importance of energy storage and entered the sector with a sense of utmost urgency.  In 2017, they founded the Chengdu Tecloman Energy Storage Technology Company. Been Inspired by their ambition, a rising number of energy professionals are joining Tecloman, bringing both their expertise and passionate drive to further grow the Company.

Tecloman is determined to be a pioneer in the energy storage industry, whose mission is to realise sustainable and harmonious growth for mankind and nature by science and technology.

Tecloman, recognized as China's professional supplier of energy storage systems, is dedicated to providing customers with end-to-end intelligent energy solution. We strive to satisfy diverse demands in a flexible manner through comprehensive product portfolio, excellent market service and strong financing platform.

We rely on a strong R&D team composed of nearly 100 experts from around the world who collaborate incessantly to develop innovative technologies from our first-class technology R&D center at Chengdu and Shenzhen. Our powerful innovation and customization capability has helped us gain the trust and cooperation of customers worldwide.

Company Culture

Orientation of the Brand: To be a pioneer and innovator in the energy storage industry.

Vision: Be the leading energy storage brand.

Mission: Realize the sustainable and harmonious growth of the mankind and nature through science and technology.

Corporate culture: Focus on the "talent-oriented" concept to tap their personalities and assign them to where they can thrive.

Cultural Slogan

Inheritance: Heir and enabler of advanced technologies.

Exploration: Constantly exploring advanced technologies and business models.

Action: Move forward with a steadfast and earnest spirit.

Innovation: An energetic team with the courage to innovate.