Meeting the needs of megawatt power output, our large-capacity, stationary energy storage system integrates a lithium-ion battery system with energy conversion, management, monitoring, temperature control and fire protection into

standard-size (20-foot or 40-foot), customizable boxes.

Two standardized modules, 24V and 48V, are available. Specifically designed for

energy storage systems, both modules are customizable in capacity. 

Power conversion system is the high-power AC and DC bi-directional inverter

device exclusively applied in energy storage system. Tecloman adopts the

voltaic pile grouping management and power source multiple isolation method.

A free-standing, customizable (50kWh-500kWh) unit that integrates lithium-ion

battery system, battery management system, energy conversion system and

energy management system into a single cabinet-style installation.

Tecloman’s household energy storage system is created by fusing the lithium-ion battery system with the intelligent hybrid inverter.  With capacity ranging from

3kWh to 20kWh, it can be customized according to customer needs.

A battery management system is a device that monitors battery status, prevents

battery system malfunctions and ensures reliable battery system operation.

Tecloman uses advanced state-of-charge (SOC) algorithms that enable real-time

calibration of the battery SOC.

A mobile energy storage system is an integrated unit that combines lithium-ion batteries with battery

management, conversion and energy management systems into one. The system capacity is

customizable from 200kWh to 2MWh by customer demand. 

• Anti-explosion safety valve applied
• Aluminum shell for better cooling
• Ceramic membrane technology applied to enhance safety
• High energy density----more than 130WH/KG
• High charge/discharge rates