The second batch of equipment tenders of Trondheim successfully concluded

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Chengdu Telongmei Energy Storage Technology Co., Ltd.
2018/04/09 17:23
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From May 27 to May 29, 2017, the second batch of production equipment tendering meeting for the first phase lithium ion battery production line of Chengdu Telongmei Energy Storage Technology Co.

From May 27 to May 29, 2017, the second batch of production equipment tendering meeting for the first phase lithium ion battery production line of Chengdu Telongmei Energy Storage Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully held in the company. There were more than 30 excellent equipments from all over the country. The manufacturer participated in the company's tender meeting.

The tender meeting was conducted in strict accordance with the procedures stipulated by the State's "Bidding Law" and the company's "Bid Management System." During the meeting, the company's tendering committee members not only introduced the company's project development plan in detail to the equipment manufacturers participating in the bidding, but also expressed their willingness to establish long-term cooperation with high-quality equipment manufacturers. Moreover, the company’s tendering committee and various manufacturers have invited Technical parameters, performance, price, after-sales service and other issues were thoroughly communicated and exchanged. Through this tender meeting, the company not only significantly reduced the company’s production equipment procurement costs, but also established long-term strategic cooperation intentions with domestic excellent suppliers. Thanks to the careful preparation of the company's tendering committee staff and the joint efforts of related personnel, this tendering meeting was highly recognized by all equipment manufacturers, fully demonstrating the professionalism and hard work of the company's employees.