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2017/06/23 11:18
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On May 14, 2017, General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized in the keynote speech of the “Belt and Road” International Cooperation Summit Forum: “We must seize the new trend in energy structure adjustment and energy technology transformation to build a global energy internet and achieve green and low-carbon development. ". This is after the General Secretary Xi Jinping issued an initiative to build a global energy internet at the United Nations Development Summit in September 2015, and once again made a clear presentation of the global energy internet in major events.

General Secretary Xi Jinping’s speech, standing at the height of human destiny and destiny, proposed a Chinese solution to the issues of energy security, environmental pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions, stating clearly that the fundamental purpose of building a global energy internet is to meet the needs of electricity and reveal the Internet of energy. The essence is the interconnected power grid. The power industry faces tremendous opportunities. The power industry must thoroughly study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's speech, fully understand the importance of building a global energy internet, actively participate in and take the initiative, and continue to promote the green transformation of China's power industry. The demonstration will lead the innovation and development of the global energy Internet.

Global Energy Internet, from idea to action

The global energy Internet is based on the UHV grid as the backbone grid and the global interconnected smart grid. It is the basic platform for the large-scale development, transmission, and use of clean energy in the world. The essence is “Smart Grid + UHV Grid + Clean Energy”. The smart grid is the foundation, the UHV grid is the key, and clean energy is fundamental.

The theoretical system of the global energy internet is improving day by day. To build a global energy Internet, we must adhere to the concept of green, open, innovative, and sustainable development, and implement “two alternatives, one improvement, and one return” based on international cooperation to form a clean energy-led, electricity-centric, and global configuration. The new pattern of energy development will promote the integration and development of energy, information, and transportation networks. It will create an energy community and promote the building of a human fate community. Research on major issues concerning the strategic planning, development routes, strategic priorities, key technologies, and policy mechanisms of the global energy internet has also yielded fruitful results. The global energy internet concept has achieved wide consensus.

The two UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon and Guterres both expressed that they will play a role in the United Nations, vigorously support and promote the construction of a global energy Internet, actively promote the global energy Internet into the United Nations 2030 sustainable development agenda action plan, and guide the participation of all member countries. And construction.

The Global Energy Internet was listed as an important part of the 2017 “Belt and Road” International Cooperation Summit Forum on Accelerating Facilities Unicom. Liu Zhenya, Chairman of the China National Electric Power Co., and Chairman of the Global Energy Internet Development Cooperation Organization made a special speech. The Global Energy Internet Development Cooperation Organization has signed a memorandum of cooperation in the field of energy with the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific, the League of Arab States, the African Union, the Gulf Cooperation Council Interconnection Grid Administration, and was incorporated into the 2017 “Belt and Road List of achievements of the International Cooperation Summit Forum.

There are basic conditions for building a global energy internet.

At the end of 2016, the installed capacity of clean energy in the world was about 2.4 billion kilowatts, and the power generation was 5.4 trillion kwh. 173 countries formulated renewable energy development targets and 146 countries issued support policies; China’s clean energy installed capacity ranks first in the world, and is promoting The energy production and consumption revolution and the acceleration of the construction of a clean, low-carbon energy supply system have taken the lead in the world. A number of UHV projects in China, India, and Brazil have been put into operation or are under construction, and the large-scale and long-distance transmission of clean energy has become a reality. China, the United States, Australia, Japan, and European countries have all released smart grid development blueprints, issued support policies, and made significant progress in the development and application of new smart grid technologies and new equipment such as the Internet of Things, electric vehicles, and energy storage equipment.

Cross-border power interconnection has made new progress.

In Europe, South Africa, North America, South America, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Gulf countries and other regions have formed transnational interconnected power grids, Italy - Montenegro, France - Italy, Ethiopia - Kenya, Kenya - Tanzania - Zambia, Malaysia - Indonesia, Laos - Cambodia, Nepal - A number of multinational grid interconnection projects are under construction in India, and a number of projects have been included in the plan; China and Russia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos, Mongolia and other neighboring countries have also expanded the scale of grid interconnection.

Global Energy Internet Helps Build Human Destiny Community

The shortage of resources, environmental pollution, and climate change pose serious threats to the survival and development of humankind. The global energy internet can connect the power grids of different continents with poor time zones and seasons to solve the energy and environmental problems that have long plagued human development. It is an innovative move that meets the common interests of all mankind and has enormous economic, social, and environmental values.

Everyone enjoys sustainable energy.

Global clean energy maintains an average annual growth rate of 12.4%, and the proportion of clean energy in 2050 can be increased to about 80%. The construction of the global energy internet can realize the coordination and complementation of different types of energy sources, enrich multi-wheel drive multi-supply methods, change the production methods, supply systems, and development models of energy; it can deploy clean green power in a wider range and with greater capacity. Clean electricity in different regions complement each other and reduce fossil energy consumption. By advocating energy substitution and energy saving, we can further increase the level of electrification and energy efficiency. Through technological innovation, the cost of renewable energy generation can be continuously reduced, and everyone can enjoy sustainable energy with low economic costs and high quality of protection.

Boost the construction of the “One Belt and One Road”.

Energy shortage is a prominent problem in many countries in the “One Belt and One Road”, which restricts the economic development of these countries. Building a global energy internet can provide brand-new solutions for the energy shortage in these countries. China's power companies have invested in and built a large number of power supply and power grid projects in relevant countries. They have played an active role in solving local electricity problems and have won praise from the local government and people for achieving win-win cooperation.

Provide new energy for economic transformation and development.

The global energy Internet involves many fields such as power supply, power grid, equipment, scientific research, and information. It has a large investment demand and a long industrial chain. It will effectively promote high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy, new materials, electric vehicles, energy conservation and environmental protection, and a new generation of information technology. The development of strategic emerging industries has a significant role in promoting economic development, structural adjustment, and industrial upgrading. At the same time, the global energy Internet can take advantage of the network economy and economies of scale, accelerate the formation of a new pattern of coordinated development of energy, information and transportation networks, promote the upgrade of the world economy from the traditional industrial economy to the new network economy, and promote global economic integration.

Promote peace and sustainable development of humankind.

Building a global energy internet can transform the advantages of clean energy resources into economic advantages, promote local economic development, narrow regional differences, strengthen regional economic cooperation, and help reduce international disputes. As the proportion of clean energy in primary energy continues to increase, the effectiveness of solving the global shortage of resources, environmental pollution, and climate change will become increasingly apparent. The global energy Internet will be closely linked with all countries in the world, and it will surely become a stabilizer for the peaceful development of mankind. The world will truly become a global village with sufficient energy, blue sky, green light, peace and harmony.

To build a global energy internet, the electric power industry must go first

Building a global energy internet is an unprecedented major opportunity in the history of power development in the world and in China. The electric power industry must adhere to the concept of innovation, continuously break the institutional and institutional contradictions that hinder development and reform, give full play to the decisive role of the market in the allocation of resources, accelerate breakthroughs in key technologies, strengthen international cooperation, and actively promote global energy Internet construction.

One must actively promote support for the global energy internet. The construction of a global energy internet is a concrete practice of implementing the new development concept, is an effective starting point for promoting the construction of the “One Belt and One Road,” and is an important measure for building a community of human destiny.

  The electric power industry must take a high degree of political awareness to conscientiously study the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions, and constantly strengthen the concept of global energy Internet dissemination, strategic planning, technological innovation, standard setting, project promotion, etc., and strengthen communication and coordination with upstream and downstream companies. Form a concerted effort to promote the safe, clean, efficient and sustainable development of the power industry.

Second, we must vigorously promote China's energy Internet construction. Continue to promote the development and utilization of clean energy in China, actively implement the “two alternatives”, continuously increase the proportion of electricity in energy consumption and energy efficiency, and reduce the total energy consumption; vigorously promote the construction of UHV and smart grids, and expand clean energy consumption. The scope to realize the transmission of power from the west to the east, north power supply from south to the south, water and electricity, and wind and solar energy complement each other; and further increase the research and development of new energy, new materials, smart manufacturing, energy storage, electric vehicle charging and other strategic emerging industries, Global energy Internet construction plays a leading role.

Third, we must continue to enhance our overall competitiveness. The construction of a global energy internet involves various fields such as power supply, power grid, equipment, scientific research, and information. We must take a global perspective, face the international market, give full play to China's advantages in equipment manufacturing, engineering construction, technology research and development, operation and maintenance, integrate industrial resources, deepen cooperation in production capacity, establish a coordination mechanism, and increase the "going out" of Chinese enterprises. To promote the global energy Internet construction process.

Fourth, we must effectively promote the interconnection of power facilities. The interconnection of infrastructure such as electricity is a priority area for the “Belt and Road” initiative. It is necessary to further strengthen planning and coordination with neighboring countries and promote the interconnection of the power grid between China and its neighboring countries; it is necessary to achieve complementary energy advantages and create a community of interests through bilateral or multilateral communication based on the resource endowments and economic development levels of different continents and regions. We must actively promote the integration of energy, information, and transportation networks to promote the development of a human fate community.

Fifth, we must strive to achieve win-win and shared development. To build a global energy internet, we need to examine the direction of future energy development from a global perspective and adhere to the principles of mutual business, co-construction, sharing, and win-win. All countries, big and small, strong and weak, and rich and poor, are equal participants in global energy Internet construction. By.

We must promote bilateral and multilateral international cooperation between China's power companies, international organizations, and other national power companies at multiple levels and in multiple channels to actively undertake social responsibilities, promote employment, improve people’s livelihood, enhance local independent development capabilities, and promote coordinated development of the economy and society. Energy Internet development achievements.

CEC will continue to base itself on win-win cooperation, strengthen internal communication, strengthen external coordination, and strive to build an exchange platform to serve the global energy Internet construction: First, to further promote the construction of a global energy Internet standard system and strengthen international standards exchanges and cooperation. Promote the internationalization of standards in China's energy and power sector; Second, in-depth study of the legal policies, market mechanisms, and concrete measures to promote the construction of China's energy Internet, and put forward suggestions to promote the introduction of related policies; Third, fully play the role of China Power International Capacity Cooperation Enterprise Alliance. Providing legal and information services for power companies to “go global”; Fourth, strengthen exchanges with international organizations, industry associations and power companies in other countries, form consensus, and jointly promote global energy internet construction.