Tecloman participated in 2017 China (Chengdu) International Emergency Equipment and Technology Exhibition

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2017/11/14 18:54
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On November 14, 2017 China (Chengdu) International Emergency Equipment Technology Exhibition was officially opened at Chengdu New International Convention and Exhibition Center.

  On November 14, 2017 China (Chengdu) International Emergency Equipment Technology Exhibition was officially opened at Chengdu New International Convention and Exhibition Center.

  This exhibition is a comprehensive international emergency product exhibition co-sponsored by the Sichuan Provincial Economic and Information Committee and the Sichuan Expo Bureau. It brings together more than 140 companies and institutions from home and abroad to participate in the exhibition.

  In all kinds of emergency hardware equipment, large-scale energy storage system is an essential part. As a professional integrated energy storage system supplier in China, Tecloman exhibited a series of core products ranging from cells, modules, battery management systems, to cabinet-type energy storage system, mobile energy storage system, and portable energy storage system.

  Compared with traditional lead-acid batteries, the lithium iron phosphate batteries independently developed by Trondheim have the advantages of high energy density, high safety, reliability, light weight, and environmental friendliness. A series of energy storage products composed of them can respond to all kinds of emergencies in a comprehensive manner and ensure the smooth implementation of emergency work. Among them, the mobile energy storage system is an energy storage device that integrates a storage battery system, a battery management system, an energy management system, and a transportation platform. It is highly flexible, responsive, and easy to maintain. It has attracted the attention of the industry and visitors.


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