Tecloman provides emergency backup equipment for the "Green City, First Chengdu Tianfu Greenway International Outing Conference"

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2018/03/23 01:03
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In order to ensure that all centralized power consumption activities are carried out according to plan, the organizer has invited Trondheim to escort the power supply for this outing.

On March 21st, “Green City, the First Chengdu Tianfu Greenway International Outing Conference” was grandly opened at the Xindu Pihe Green Road.

In order to ensure that all centralized power consumption activities are carried out according to plan, the organizer has invited Tecloman to escort the power supply for this outing.

In the early stage of the activity, Tecloman together with the power supply department conducted a “dragnet” inspection of the power supply, electrical equipment, etc., at various points of this time-finding event, and conducted electrician management, safety measures, and anti-accident emergency plans for the network operations. And other on-site guidance.

During the event, Tecloman's mobile energy storage system took on the task of emergency backup and ensured that the power supply was completely safe.

As an outstanding representative of the green enterprises in Xindu District and even Chengdu City, Tecloman is incumbent on the protection of outing activities. In the future development and planning, Tecloman will continue to uphold the concept of green development, customize the overall solution for clean energy for more large-scale events, and fully embrace the new era of green power supply.

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