Multiple positive incentives to stimulate the market's new kinetic energy

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2018/04/09 17:28
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The more mature the development of renewable energy, the stronger the demand for energy storage systems, and in China, the world's largest market. Driven by technology, industry, and policies, the energy storage industry has begun to show the potential of Qianlong Tengyuan. The Chinese energy-storage market, which is on the eve of a blowout, is also welcoming wavers and rushes.

Due to unstable factors such as the supply of photovoltaics and wind energy, the large-scale energy storage construction has become an important means to solve the problem of renewable energy grid-connected problems. According to public information, the energy storage system, as the “last mile” of new energy development, is also a bridge linking the power generation side, the power supply side, and the power consumption side. The significance of energy storage is extremely important. Simply put, the application of energy storage system can effectively compensate for the randomness of renewable energy generation, increase its consumption level and stability of the power grid; support distributed power, microgrids and even the energy Internet, is to promote the main energy from fossil energy Key technologies for the replacement of renewable energy.

On the support policy level, since 2017, the National Energy Administration has successively solicited opinions from the society on the "Micro-grid Management Approach" and "Guiding Opinions on Promoting Energy Storage Technology and Industrial Development" to allow the energy storage market to heat up again. It is worth mentioning that the Guiding Opinions on the Promotion of Energy Storage Technology and Industrial Development, which are regarded as a "strengthening pin" in the energy storage industry, clearly point out that energy storage is a necessary area for the use of a high proportion of renewable energy, and can increase electricity. System stability and power consumption integrity are important for energy transformation.

The more positive news is that there will be many implementation rules for energy storage support policies in the future, including compensation policies for different application scenarios, advanced energy storage technology standards included in the scope of compensation, and energy storage price policies. Among them, the subsidy policy and price policy for energy storage projects are still under development. The industry generally believes that with the gradual release of intensive policy dividends, energy storage industry will enter the fast track of development.

While the supporting policy is gradually clear, energy storage technology continues to achieve breakthroughs. In 2016, China's energy storage industry has made major breakthroughs in improving the performance of technologies such as flow batteries, lithium-ion batteries, sodium-nickel batteries, compressed air, and phase change heat storage. In the first quarter of 2017 alone, the price of some lithium battery energy storage products fell by about 20%. The significant cost reduction means that the era of commercialization and large-scale application of energy storage is not far away.

The rapid development of new energy vehicles will also promote large-scale expansion of the energy storage industry. According to Wang Zhongying, deputy director of the Energy Research Institute of the National Development and Reform Commission, by 2030, the annual production capacity of electric vehicles will reach 10 million, plus the investment in charging facilities, the cumulative investment scale of the business is expected to exceed 80 trillion. It can be said that the field of energy storage has become the main choice for large enterprises in the face of traditional business saturation or implementation of transformation and development. Driven by typical enterprises and investors, the current energy storage market is becoming a new round of market “wind”.

Despite its broad prospects, the energy storage industry still has many problems such as the lack of mature technology lines, a single profit model, and not yet closed industrial chains. These are the “pain points” that the industry development needs to solve urgently. In this regard, Zhang Jing, secretary general of the Zhongguancun Energy Storage Industry Technology Alliance, believes that domestic energy storage is only just starting. It needs a platform to integrate energy-saving industries with innovative companies to complete the integration of technology, products, and capital. This is to China's energy storage. The next step in the development of the industry is crucial.

In addition, the business model of energy storage is also an issue that needs immediate consideration in order to create a service system with commercial value without relying on subsidies. Directly related to the business model, it will be the choice of energy storage technology line - electrochemical energy storage, physical energy storage, each with suitable application areas. According to Wang Peng, director of the China Energy Policy Research Center, the development of the energy storage industry depends on good institutional and policy support. In the future, it must be clear that energy storage has an independent market position in the electricity market to ensure that energy storage is fair to participate in the market and the price is commercialized. .

Therefore, in the initial transition period of energy storage toward commercial applications, the advancement of the industry will be the main development approach for the energy storage industry in the Chinese market.

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