The arrival of the commercial critical point in the trillion-storage energy industry market will increase by 10 times in the nex

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2018/04/09 17:27
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Benefited from the mature promotion of material technology, the transformation and upgrading of energy structure, and the promotion of policies, the energy storage industry has entered the fast track of development in recent years. Chen Bo, an industry veteran, pointed out that “2016 is the first year of commercialization of energy storage, and 2017 and 2018 are expected to be the outbreak of energy storage in the Chinese market.”

After deep brewing in 2016 and entering 2017, the “energy storage industry is at a critical point.” With a series of supporting policies being gradually introduced, the development of energy storage industry is expected to enter the fast lane.

In recent years, the energy storage market has gradually developed under the policy support. From the perspective of the country’s macroeconomic policy, energy storage is entering the national energy and power industry development plan at a higher and higher frequency. In particular, the recently released “13th Five-Year Plan” for the development of electricity, renewable energy, and energy sources The application of energy storage technology demonstration is listed as the main task of the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan”, and it is explicitly proposed to actively promote the demonstration application and promotion of large-capacity and distributed energy storage technologies.

According to public information, energy storage applications run through all aspects of power system transmission, transmission, distribution, and utilization. Frequency modulation, peak regulation, delaying transmission and distribution expansion, backup power supply, peak load reduction, and tariff management are all current Some of the most marketable applications. According to the statistics of the Zhongguancun Energy Storage Industry Technology Alliance, China has applied a cumulative installed capacity of 107.9 MW (excluding pumped storage and heat storage projects) to the user's side during the past six years. Nearly half of the country’s central and western regions accounted for more than 650 megawatts of power storage installed capacity from July 2015 to December 2016, of which 54% was installed on the user’s side.

From an expert's point of view, energy storage can increase the level of renewable energy such as wind and light, support distributed power and micro-grid, and it is a key technology for promoting the replacement of main energy from fossil energy to renewable energy. It is also building an energy internet. The core foundation for promoting new energy development. On the other hand, in the areas of competitive electricity sales, incremental distribution networks, integrated energy management, vehicle and electricity interconnection, and ladder utilization, how to use energy storage to achieve service value increase, how to tap into potential energy storage application markets, and trigger storage More and more companies can pay attention and thinking.

According to the China Energy News report previously, the development of the energy storage market to date has gone through three stages of development. The first is the technical verification phase (2000-2010), which is mainly to carry out basic R&D and demonstration of technology verification. The second is the demonstration application stage (2011-2015). Through the demonstration project, the energy storage technology performance has been rapidly improved, the application model has been continuously clear, and the application value has been widely recognized. Third, at the initial stage of commercialization (2016-2020), the installed capacity of China's energy storage projects rapidly increased and business models gradually established. After more than ten years of development, China's energy storage industry is currently at an important stage of transition from demonstration applications to commercialization.

From the perspective of the market environment, the prospect of trillion-level prospects makes the energy storage industry worthy of becoming a sunrise industry. The cost of energy storage has further declined, the peak-to-valley tariff system has been improved, the compensation mechanism for demand-side management has been established, and various kinds of value-added services such as the development of electricity market users have witnessed the emergence of electric power reform dividends, and the continuous development and deepening of energy storage market segments have been implemented. The energy storage market will become the forerunner of energy storage in China for commercial applications. According to the starting point study (SPIR) forecast, the energy storage field has become the main choice for large enterprises in the face of traditional business saturation or the implementation of transformation and development. The market growth in the next five years will exceed 100 billion yuan.

Taken together, the energy storage industry is moving rapidly toward commercialization. Driven by the typical enterprises and investors, the policy strength has been continuously increased, the market mechanism has been gradually streamlined, multi-domain integration and mutual penetration, the installed capacity has increased rapidly, and energy storage will undoubtedly come into full swing. It is expected that during the “13th Five-Year Plan” period, the domestic energy storage market will show a rapid development trend. Before 2018, it will be a demonstration application stage of advanced energy storage technology.