Leaders of Xindu District visited our company to coordinate and solve problems related to the construction of Trondheim

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2018/04/09 17:27
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On March 23, 2017, leaders from relevant departments of Xindu District came to visit the company and met to discuss the infrastructure issues after the company's project was completed.

On March 23, 2017, leaders from relevant departments of Xindu District came to visit the company and met to discuss the infrastructure issues after the company's project was completed. At the seminar, the chairman and general manager of Trondheim reported the basic situation and development prospects of the project to the district leaders. After listening to the report, the leaders of Xindu District expressed a high degree of recognition for the development plan and development prospects of the company's project. At the same time, they expressed their great welcome to the establishment of the company. In the following work, all departments in the district will fully cooperate with Trondheim to do a good job of various services to ensure the success of the Troilma project.

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