Xiubing Lin: Continuing to promote the introduction of energy storage supporting policies

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2018/04/09 17:25
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 May 23rd, under the guidance of the Department of Science and Technology Equipment of the National Energy Administration, the China Energy Research Association, the Zhongguancun Management Committee

May 23rd, under the guidance of the Department of Science and Technology Equipment of the National Energy Administration, the China Energy Research Association, the Zhongguancun Management Committee and the Zhongguancun Haidian Park Management Committee, and the Energy Storage International Summit and Exhibition organized by the Zhongguancun Energy Storage Industry Technology Alliance (CNESA). 2017 will be grandly opened at the National Convention Center in Beijing. Xiu Binglin, Deputy Director of the Department of Scientific and Technical Equipment of the National Energy Administration, addressed the opening ceremony of the conference. The following is the speech content:

Xie Binglin, Deputy Director, Department of Science and Technology, National Energy Administration

Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, good morning everyone! I am very pleased to meet with my colleagues in the industry at the 2017 Energy Storage Summit to share with you the new trends and new trends in energy storage development. Energy storage is an important component of the smart grid, high proportion of renewable energy resources, Internet + smart energy, and key support technologies. The development and application of energy storage technology has important significance and value for improving the flexibility of traditional power systems, raising the level of renewable energy consumption, supporting distributed power and microgrids, and promoting the intelligentization of energy production and consumption. It is also one of the key supporting technologies for building a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient modern energy industry system.

In November 2016, Premier Li Keqiang at the second meeting of the National Energy Commission made a concerted effort to focus on the development and utilization of renewable energy, especially new energy grid-connected technologies, and energy storage micro-grid technology to achieve breakthrough development important deployment. The 13th Five-Year Plan for Energy Development was released in December 2016. The plan states that energy storage plays a key supporting role in the peak load demand response and electrical energy replacement in the power system, and clarifies the key R&D demonstration tasks in the next phase. . We are pleased to see that with the full implementation of the 13th Five-Year Plan, the energy storage industry has achieved rapid development. Taking electrochemical energy storage as an example, the installed capacity of new projects put into operation in 2016 reached 101.4 megawatts, which was almost three times that of the previous year. In terms of commercial scale, the exploration of the capacity-based pricing of the arbitrage power grid at the user-side electricity price difference and the flexible power compensation mechanism at the power generation side have gradually increased. The combination of electric vehicles and energy storage technologies has attracted more and more attention in the emerging fields of energy storage applications under the Internet and smart energy scenarios. It can be said that the energy storage industry is ushering in a flourishing development stage.

The National Energy Administration attaches great importance to energy storage, and the energy work guidance in 2017 clearly stated that a comprehensive testing and engineering verification platform for energy storage technology systems should be established. Promoting the experimental demonstration of key energy storage technologies, China's first comprehensive policy document dedicated to energy storage led by the Department of Science and Technology of the National Energy Administration, and the Guidance Opinions on Promoting Energy Storage Technology and Industrial Development has also been completed. At this stage, it is currently undergoing revisions and improvement and is striving to release it as soon as possible. This guideline plays an active role in creating a favorable policy environment, guiding the investment of social capital, guiding the demonstration of technological R&D, and promoting the establishment of business models. At the same time, we will continue to promote the introduction of supporting policies, conduct pilot demonstrations, improve the standardization system, and establish industry information platforms and other related work. Effectively guide the development of energy storage industry, provide good support, and create a good atmosphere.

Comrades participating in the summit are all excellent representatives in the energy storage industry. It is precisely because of the hard work and practice of everyone present that energy storage has become an important force in promoting China's power system reform. We expect the Chinese energy storage industry to further lay a solid foundation for rapid development and lead the global energy storage industry to new trends. We look forward to working with colleagues from all walks of life to create a new chapter in the development of China's energy storage industry.

Finally, I wish this conference a complete success. Thank you!